[Seoul - Gangnam] The Frypan - Korean Fried Chicken + Potato Chips + Beer

Today's post is about The Frypan, this location is in Yeoksam, but there are tons of locations all over Korea.
Happy 2017! It's now the year of the chicken, so thought I'd do a series about my favorite chicken places in Korea. 

Also, it's perfect because I love Korean fried chicken...or just chicken in general.
However, so sad, but there's a pretty serious avian flu outbreak in Korea right now, so RIP all those chickens (very unrelated to the post, just thought I'd throw in some current events).

I go to The Frypan relatively often.
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So, one of the best thing for me about The Frypan is that the chicken comes on a bed of potato chips.
Unfortunately for some, not me, the chicken is boneless and is of the chicken finger variety, but that's a-okay with me.

One warning, the cube things that are served with the chicken are pickled mu (radish). My friends are always tricked and think that it's some sort of fruit or another (like pear or pineapple).

I try to eat boneless chicken most of the time. I know it's not as good quality most of the time, but I just find eating chicken off the bone to be so much work and I just want to eat.

They also have salads, fries, and other side dishes to order if you want. There are also different types of chicken meat you can choose from.

We also got a beer this time. Instead of the normal height beer steins (?) that beer comes in, for some reason they use really tall ones here.

Good news is that the beer here is really cold. :)

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