[Seoul - Sadang] Bonyeon Yetnal Bulgogi (본연 옛날 불고기)

My friend and I met up for dinner at Bonyeon Yetnal Bulgogi (본연 옛날 불고기) in Sadang.

Today is another Korean barbecue post. I actually haven't had Korean barbecue in a long time other than for company dinner, so this was kind of a treat.

This place is kind of famous, there's always a long line to get in when I walk past it after work.

We were lucky because as we arrived, one table had just finished, so were able to get in right away.

Menu is only available in Korean. I will translate it from left to right.
옛날불고기- yet nal bulgogi (what we ordered). 12,000 KRW per serving (comes with soondubu jjigae - soft tofu stew)
소길비찜 - so galbi jjim. 10,000 KRW per serving (This is also a very popular option! This is steamed beef ribs)
길비탕 - galbi tang. 8,000 KRW per order (Galbi rib soup)
양념게장 - yang nyum gye jang. 6,000 KRW (yangnyum crab - spicy marinated crab)
쇠고기카레 - soegogi ka re. 5,000 KRW (beef curry) (This is also a very popular way to end the meal at this restaurant. It's a homemade curry)
김치찌개 - kimchi jjigae 6,000 KRW (This is also a good way to end the meal)

After 5PM, if you decide you want to have the galbijjim, there are two options.
You can get the (so size), which is a small size for 26,000 KRW or the dae size, large size) for 38,000 KRW.

These are some of the side dishes that come with the meal. They also give you homemade fish paste sheets and radish kimchi.

This is a two-person order of the bulgogi.
The workers will put one serving of beef on the grill for you.
You can ask for additional pa (green onions) and yuksu (broth).

There are about 16 seats at Western style tables and there is room for about 20 people at the Korean style tables.

Sadang (line 2, 4). Exit 7, go straight about 200 meters. At the second street, turn right and walk down the little hill a bit. The restaurant will be on your left, right after the parking lot.

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