[Snack Attack - Korea] GS 25 Bad Farmers Juices

GS 25 just released its own series of juices, in partnership with Bad Farmers. Unlike the CU juices, I believe this juice has so much added sugar.

There were also three flavors: purple, orange, and green.

I got the purple flavor this time. It had grape juice and apple juice in it.
It has 115 calories and I believe it had something like 22 grams of sugars.

I forgot to look at the label prior to purchasing, otherwise I would have never bought it. I was just really hungry and heading to 2 hours of tutor classes, so I needed a little something to tide me over until I got home.

It was 2000 KRW, which is cheaper than the original price of the CU juice, but I much prefer the CU juice to this one. I didn't feel like I needed to drink a liter of water to get rid of the sugar in my mouth after drinking the CU juice.

Pity since I really like the Bad Farmers brand (the restaurant).

Would I buy again? Probably not, unless I was really desperate and had an extra bottle of water in my purse.

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