[NYC - Greenwich Village] A Salt and Battery Fish and Chips

My friend and I went to A Salt and Battery in Greenwich Village for some authentic fish and chips.

As an aside, British people seem to really like their word puns as restaurant names.
In York, I tried to make a list and visit all of the word pun restaurants, but it was impossible to do so.

We got the regular size haddock ($7.50) with chips ($5).

They also have cod, sole, whiting, and other assorted fish types available. They also have scallops, if that's your thing.

My friend and I noted that this place must be pretty authentic because there were a lot of British accents in the restaurant.

Also, for NYC, the prices are insanely reasonable, especially given the quantity of food you get.

Take a look at that flaky fish. It was served fresh out of the fryer and was so hot!

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