[Costco Korea] Kakao Friends Notebook Set

I got a crazy good deal on the cutest Kakao Friends Notebooks at Costco!
Today, I just wanted to let you know about a great deal I got this week. It's great for souvenirs or gifts for loved ones back home, especially since it's so Korea-specific. Kakao Friends merchandise make great gifts!
Which character is your favorite??

It's a set of 10 paper notebooks for 6,290 KRW (less than $6 USD for all 10 notebooks).

They are authentic, licensed notebooks and have the holographic seal on the back.
My guess is the price might be about 1,500 to 2,500 each if you were to buy them in the store.

I am not sure if all packs are the same, but we did look at many of them, and the bindings all seemed to have the same color combinations.

We got:
3 Ryan (the lion) notebooks
3 Apeach notebooks (affectionately called "double butt" by me and a few friends)
2 Muzi (the raddish wearing a bunny costume) notebooks
1 Tube (the duck that turns into a dragon when mad) - the back of the notebook has the dragon on it
1 Neo (the fashionista cat)

Sorry Frodo and Jay G fans, I don't think they were in any of the packs.
These are LINED notebooks.

They also had spring-bound notebooks. It was a little more expensive, a little more than 9,000 KRW, for 6 notebooks). Not sure what the notebooks look like, so if you get them send me a snapshot at eatstretchexplore@gmail.com

I got mine at the Yangjae Costco location, if you see them at any of the other Costcos, let me know :)
These were on the first floor, on the right-hand wall when you enter the store, on the side by the kitchenware.

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