[Seoul - Lotte World Mall] Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe

My friend and I went to Guylian Chocolate Cafe in Lotte World Mall a while back.

She said she's a huge fan of Guylian, so we decided to indulge.

I am not a huge fan of chocolate, so it made ordering a bit tricky.
I ended up selecting the dark chocolate and my friend chose the milk chocolate.

It was really full that day, so there were no seats available on the top floor (floor 2) or on the bottom floor, so we had to order it as a take-out beverage.

We awkwardly stood and drank our drinks at the high table by the entrance.

They were kind of expensive, 7,000 KRW each.

So, even though I don't care for chocolate that much, this was kind of nice. It was really rich, though. I can only imagine how my friend felt with all that sugar, too.

Honestly, I am not sure if I would eat this again.
Not sure if it's because I'm not a huge fan of chocolate or because we had to stand to drink, but it just didn't seem all that worth it.

Any one else have a different opinion?

I think maybe the atmosphere of the second floor seating area might have helped, but it's kind of bougie, as are a lot of places in Korea, and I am sure it had kind of terrible acoustics. But, at least we could have sat down.

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