[Uptown Minneapolis, MN] Lake and Irving - Brunch Time

If you're looking for a spot to eat brunch this weekend, check out Lake & Irving in Uptown Minneapolis. It is, surprise surprise, located on Lake and Irving.

There is a parking lot in the back and there are a few street parking spots available.

The Food:

Marissa got the chicken and waffles. The waffles had some bacon crumbles on top and she added some of our mom's bacon to just fill it all out. The chicken itself was very flavorful and moist, but it was quite thick and there were two pieces of it. Unlike typical chicken and waffles where it's a couple of pieces of fried chicken on a full Belgian-style waffle circle (you know what I mean), it was on two quarters of waffle, so about a half of a waffle. This was a good size for lunch, but she was kind of wishing there was a larger waffle:chicken ratio.

My mom had the breakfast sandwich. It would be a good starter for someone looking for a basic breakfast treat. The bacon on the side was thick cut and flavorful. It was very high-quality bacon and everyone at the table enjoyed trying some.

My dad had the omelette of the day. The Omelette of the Day was great even in the early afternoon. The eggs were cooked just right - fluffy and thin - with a slight crust. The omelette was filled with cheese and ham and served with wild rice and wheat toast and breakfast potatoes.

I got the Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich. This was so crispy. All of the ingredients were so fresh. The sandwich was pretty flavorful, but I wish it had more flavor and spice to it. When I read the description, I was expected to be hit with some spice. The chicken was nice and crispy. However, the chicken was pounded very thinly, so it wasn't exactly what I was expecting. I did really like the fries. They were thin-cut fries and were .

After the omelette, my dad ended the meal with a scoop of the chocolate Sebastian Joe's ice cream. He gives this two thumbs up. It was a less sweet chocolate, maybe more along the lines of a dark chocolate than a milk chocolate.

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