[Seoul - Garosugil] Deux Amis Patisserie Cafe - Salted Caramel Cake

Years ago, I went to the Sinsa/Garosugil location of Deux Amis with my friend.

The cafe is so cute. I love it. It's not that busy, which I love, because it's a nice place to go and meet friends and catch up. The price is a little high, but that's to be expected given the area, the quality of ingredients, and the general aesthetic of the cafe itself.

Over the years, I have tried so many different cakes from Deux Amis, but I keep going back to the one I had during my first visit - the caramel sale (salted caramel).

It's what I ordered on this visit (my friend ordered an iced tea). It is 6,500 KRW, which isn't cheap, but the quality of the ingredients is very high and this is a pretty uncommon flavor to find in Seoul. It's also just so beautiful and the cakes are baked daily.

I also really like that this is a more small business sort of cafe. Even though there are multiple locations, it still seems to be owned locally and not by one of the huge conglomerates. Had I gone to one of the other cake cafes in the area, I know I would have easily spent a very similar amount of money on it, but it would have been more mass produced.

You are required to order one menu item per person, so keep that in mind. I, personally, enjoy that and totally understand why cafes require the purchase. It cuts down on the number of people who come in and just park at the cafe without buying anything, taking up space, and, often, being disruptive to paying customers. I get it.

As a consumer, I would say that the cakes are about comparable price to a cafe drink. If I were you, I would probably order a cake because it's unique to the shop and because you can make a similar tea at home, but that's my opinion and you should definitely do you.

I love the decor and aesthetic of the cafe. It is seriously so cute and I love that there are fresh flowers on every table. The flowers change frequently, which always adds a nice new fresh face to each visit. One time, I went on Wednesday and then went again on a Saturday and the flowers had changed.

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