[Korea] A Twosome Place - Carrot Cake and Strawberry Rare Cheesecake

Sometimes you just have to go to a chain cafe. One of the cafes I went to pretty frequently was A Twosome Place, so I figured I'd show you some of the desserts I've tried.

Twosome Place is pretty consistent in quality, always in pretty darn convenient locations, and has something for everyone and it's a little more "fancy" than my other go-to, Ediya.

This is the Lemon Sherbet Ade. It sounded yummy, so I decided to try it. An "ade" in Korea is basically an Italian soda, but with a Korean twist. It's basically flavored lemon lime soda. I can't remember if this was Chilsung soda or Sprite or something else. But, I actually quite enjoyed this drink. It was so lemony and so refreshing, actually. It wasn't that syrupy, which I really enjoyed. I would definitely drink this again.

A Twosome Place calls itself a Premium Dessert Cafe, so, of course, we had to partake. I've had the Icebox Cake, Earl Grey Chiffon, Tiramisu, and Camembert Cheesecake in the past and really like all of them, but I wanted to try get something else this time.

This is the Strawberry Rare Cheese Cake (떠먹는딸기레어치즈). We were feeling like eating savory desserts this day, but I was definitely beyond tempted by the Earl Grey Chiffon (that's one of my go-to cakes at Twosome).

The Strawberry Rare Cheese Cake is pretty savory. It is not very sweet at all, actually. We really enjoyed sharing this with our other choice (the carrot cake). The cake is pretty rich, but I did not walk away feeling super gross. Also, I'd like to state that, as a lactose-sensitive individual, I was okay with no negative consequences.

The crumbles on top were my favorite. That's kind of what I expected to happen because the crumbles on the top of a coffee cake or a crumb cake are my favorite because they're so flavorful, textured, and semi salty (if that makes sense). The strawberry bit of the cake are the freeze dried strawberry crumbs on top (there are also some freeze-dried raspberries in there for good measure). This added a bit of a nice texture and flavor change that added a nice added dimension to the cake because the freeze dried strawberries are a little sweet and sour.

I would say, however, that we did it the smart way. This is definitely a cake to share. It gets very rich and I definitely couldn't finish it if I had ordered it solo and tried to eat it all by myself.

This is the carrot cake. This was one of the only places you could get a slice of carrot cake for a while in Korea (now there are plenty of other cafes that have it). Carrot cake is one of my favorite cakes, actually. The one at Twosome is pretty okay.

The carrot cake is quite spiced and moist and the cream cheese frosting is pretty okay, not totally the type of cream cheese frosting I prefer, though. The cake itself has a bit of a citrus flavor, which is surprising the first bite, but it kind of grew on me. The one thing about the carrot cake that's not for me is the coconut shavings on top. I actually used to be allergic to coconut, so I am still a little iffy about eating it in general. I'm no longer allergic, but I just remember the itchiness I used to get. But, if you are a-okay with coconut and love carrot cake, test it out for yourself.

Oh, FYI, it also contains soybean and walnuts for you allergy sufferers.

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