[Twin Cities, MN] Mojo Monkey Donuts - Winter Specials (Late, Sorry)

Had my 1x/year craving for doughnuts right as I was researching food to eat in Minnesota, so obviously we had to get some on the way home from the airport before Christmas. (I stink at posting on time, as you are very well aware by now).

Some of what we had is available all year, so this isn't a total loss, and some are more winter seasonal items, so these will also be there for you for a few more weeks still.

Mojo Monkey Donuts sells out of their popular items quite quickly, so make sure you stop by right when they open.

Marissa got the Funfetti Old Fashioned Doughnut (with holiday icing). This will probably be on the general menu, it just won't be so holiday-colored. She really liked the doughnut itself. It was super fresh. It is a cake doughnut, so while it is dense, it's not super dense. So, the cake is still fluffy and moist.

I got the Boozy Egg Nog Bismarck. I kind of knew this would be my only chance this winter to get some egg nog, so I had to grab this opportunity when it presented itself. I actually love egg nog, so I was beyond excited when I saw this in the case that day. The filling was so delicious! It was so creamy and you could definitely taste the booze. I tried to take a picture of the inside bite, but it was woefully out of focus.

The bismarck was super fluffy and definitely not dense. I was also super happy that it wasn't very greasy. Sometimes when you get a bismarck it's kind of pooled oil at the bottom (or maybe that's a me problem), but this one had the perfect consistency throughout.

My mom had the Apple Cider Cinnamon Cake donut. It's very light, fluffy cake donut coated with lots of cinnamon sugar. The cinnamon flavor was delicate. She definitely recommends. Also we tried to capture the fluffiness of the inside of the doughnut for you, but it was a very sunny day and there are only about 8 seats in the entire shop.

My dad tried the brand new Cherry Almond Bismarck. Be prepared to get sticky fingers and frosting on your face if you order the Cherry Almond Bismarck. This pastry is more about creamy frosting and filling than the dough. A great mix of almond and cherry flavors. Unless you are really hungry, grab a knife and split it with a friend.

The best part of Costco and any restaurant is:
Free samples!

You can pick up some free samples by the cash register. :)

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