[Stretch] FabFitFun Starter Box Review - NOT Sponsored. My real first impressions inside.

I finally succumbed to the social media advertising storm that is FabFitFun. I have been eyeing it for the past couple of years, but I really liked what was in the winter box in 2019 and they were offering a free starter box with the Black Friday 2019 purchase, so I had to jump in.

This is in NO WAY a sponsored post, so you can totally trust that I am giving my true opinion of what I received because I paid for it with my own hard-earned money. Well, I guess I got this box for "free" but it was just a promotion.

The one very confusing thing about FabFitFun is that they have so many different deals and promotions, so you have to kind of jump on one when you think it sounds good.

Since I was pretty darn sure I would get my money's worth out of the winter 2019 box, I kind of had budgeted to spend $49.99 on it, but would have loved to get more bang for my buck. When I ordered, they had a deal where I could add this starter box for free, but, at the same time, they also had an offer for the $10 off deal that is typically running. I wasn't able to apply both coupons to my order, so I had to make a game time decision.

I ended up going with the starter box because, as I mentioned, I went in pretty much being okay with spending $49.99 and budgeting for that,

The starter boxes differ, obviously, depending on when you order. And, my guess is, what extra stuff they have in their warehouses from previous boxes. I lucked out because I was actually sent a bunch of products I would actually want to use and will use!

I have started testing the products, but want to give them some more uses before I give my full opinion. I kind of don't trust the influencers online who give their "opinion" of how great it is just at first sight without testing the products for a month or two.

So, that'll be my process. Testing the products for 2 months and writing a more in-depth review. I am starting to embrace the "stretch" portion of this blog, which I imagined to be the home-life and lifestyle portion of my blog, so I will be bringing back my skincare and snack reviews in 2020!~
This is what I got in my box!

Yumi Kim Hanging Train Case: $58
First impression: I am quite excited about this product because I am going to be traveling to Korea in a couple months and needed a new place to keep my toiletries, so I will have a more detailed review later. This particular color isn't really my style, but it seems quite functional, which I appreciate. I don't think I would ever come close to spending $58 on this product. If I saw this in the store, I kind of would think it was more around the $25 mark.

Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day Cream Camellia, Geranium Blossom: $49
First impression: I love camellia and geranium separately, so I am quite interested in trying out this product. I am slightly worried that it'll be too intense of a scent for me, but I am looking forward to trying this out. I also wouldn't spend $49 on this product...ever. I would probably say I would may maybe $15 max for this item, but maybe my opinion will change once I test it out for a couple of months.

Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer in Black Orchid: $16
First impression: The only item I am a little medium about trying is the Spongelle. I have used these products in the past because my cousin gave me one for Christmas a few years back. The product itself is a great concept, but I have a slight aversion to overly scented bath products and I am not really a bar soap person and this kind of reminds me of that. I typically go for a moisturizing body wash and a strong physical exfoliating cloth because of my super duper dry skin. I will check it out and check back later. I am not sure I'd pay $16 for this product, but that's because of my own personal preferences of body wash products.

Moroccan Gold Series Leave-in Mask: $39
First impression: I am quite excited to check this out! I really need to do more treatments on my hair these days. I don't know what's up with my water, but my hair is just so lifeless and dry. I would maybe spend this money on this product if I saw it in the store depending on how I like the outcome after testing it out for a couple months.

I have no idea what you'll get in your starter box and I read from some comments on my post on Instagram, that the boxes kind of run on a cycle, so you can check out what's kind of trending on Instagram first and then decide when you want to request someone (like me) to send you a starter box.

If you haven't tried FabFitFun and are interested in having me send you a free starter box, please email me at eatstretchexplore@gmail.com. This will be from my personal account. Each Starter Box, valued at over $75, comes with 3-4 full-size products.

Or, if you're already wanting to try it out, use my personal referral link for $10 off your first box. I will also get $15 credit, to be transparent: https://share.fabfitfun.com/x/tbauOE
However, please make sure you check all their other deals on their Facebook page and Instagram to ensure you get the most bang for your buck like I did.

*FTC Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links which means, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through the links provided and make a purchase.*