[Seoul] Billy Angel and Deux Amis Takeaway

My friend and I met up to do a little shopping.

My friend picked up a slice of cake at Billy Angel in Jongak and, since it's my favorite, we also grabbed a slice of Caramel Sale cake from Deux Amis, since it was on the walk back to the subway station after our dinner.

I have actually never done takeaway cake slices before, so I was kind of amazed by the packaging. I don't get out much, okay? I might be a little biased, but I'd say that the Deux Amis cake packaging is like 10,000x better.

My friend got the Earl Grey Chiffon cake at Billy Angel. It's a chiffon cake, so it's pretty soft and fluffy. This is kind of one of my favorite flavors of cake, so I was kind of excited she ordered it because I figured I'd be able to try some (*selfish*). The cake was delicious and the frosting is so fluffy and only slightly sweet.

Again, I got my favorite Caramel Sale/Salted Caramel cake from Deux Amis. It's just so good. I am surprised I ever leave Sinsa without buying a slice. This time, when I got takeaway, they didn't put the cute little mini macaron on top. Maybe this was just a one-time mistake.

The packaging is so good for Deux Amis. They put in extra cardboard spacers to ensure that the cake doesn't float around in the box, which will ensure that it doesn't get all smushed while you are en route to your final destination. I also liked that they put a tiny ice pack into the box. This was great because it kept the cake at a perfect temperature during the trip home.

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