[Stretch] FabFitFun Winter 2019 Box - NOT Sponsored. Real first impressions.

Since I showed you what I got in my starter box last week, figured I would show what I received in my Winter 2019 box. I purchased this with my own money and I explained a little about the "deal" I got in my last week's post about the starter boxes.

If you haven't tried FabFitFun and are interested in having me send you a free starter box, please email me at eatstretchexplore@gmail.com. This will be from my personal account. Each Starter Box, valued at over $75, comes with 3-4 full-size products.

Or, if you're already wanting to try it out, use my personal referral link for $10 off your first box. I will also get $15 credit, to be transparent: https://share.fabfitfun.com/x/tbauOE
However, please make sure you check all their other deals on their Facebook page and Instagram to ensure you get the most bang for your buck like I did.
 One thing I found annoying is that I got stuck with almost all beauty and skincare products. Maybe it was because it was a winter box, but it just seemed like it was excessively skincare heavy.

I am NOT sponsored. I will give you a quick overview of what I got and my first impression of the product. Then, after I have used the product for a month or so, I will give you my full review later as I am currently resurrecting and kind of bringing to life the "stretch" lifestyle portion of the blog and I will try to start doing weekly beauty/skincare and snack posts again.

I decided to cancel my membership because everything I wanted to try in the Spring 2020 box was already sold out when I went on 1 minute after the customization opened for the seasonal members. I ended up having to put random things in my "customize" queue just so that I didn't end up with actual junk, but then I realized that it's my own money and $50 is kind of a lot for a bunch of stuff I didn't really want or need. So, I canceled my subscription. I looked on the FabFitFun Instagram and it seems like I am not even close to being alone in canceling my subscription for the same reason. They tried to make me change my mind and put it on "hold" for the low, low fee of $49.99 as a "credit" for future purchases. I said "no, thank you" and then they tried to give me $10 off my next box, too, and I stayed firm. I was trying to push them to give me even more off and a free starter box since that's what they usually do on the ads to try to attract new customers, but no dice. I would say that the cancellation process was pretty easy so far and I can always rejoin in the future if anything seems interesting somehow and the products are still available...somehow.

I was sent the following:

My customized options:
R+Co Television Perfect Hair Shampoo and Conditioner: ($64)
I chose this option because I wanted to test out some new shampoos. I will update you as I begin using them and have tested them out for a while.
Buy Shampoo and Conditioner separately here.

Erno Laszlo Pore Cleansing Clay Mask: ($48)
I wanted to get the slippers or try out the eyelash conditioner, but both were not available. The huge size of slippers were available, but my feet haven't grown since I was 8, so that was kind of not even close to an option. So, I kind of was forced to choose the mask because I didn't want to risk being sent size 12 slippers and I had no use or interest in the bluetooth speaker since I already have more than enough of those that I have gotten free over the years at work.
Buy clay mask separately here.

Rodial Soft Focus Glow Drops: ($55)
I also chose to try these glow drops. I needed a new base and I just wanted to try a new type of product. I'll give you more opinions later. None of the other options really spoke to me, either, so I was excited that these were still available when I customized my box.
Buy a small size of Rodial Soft Focus Glow Drops here to try.

Options I couldn't customize, but annual members could:
Beauty Bakerie Proof is in the Puddin' Palette: ($38)
As I watched the reviews on YouTube, I kind of knew I was going to end up with this in my box. I kind of didn't want it because eye shadows aren't really my thing and the reviews I watched about it were a little less than ideal. I will test it out and let you what I thought of it as a non-eye makeup person. I guess the only product in this group that I wish I would have gotten instead is the LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt.

Vera Mona Color Switch Solo: ($16.99)
This is a product that I was kind of super interested in checking out, so I was happy I was sent this over the other two options. One reason I don't tend to do eye makeup is, other than the fact that it's so much work, I don't have many brushes, so this will maybe let me be a little more excited to try eye looks because I can easily change colors.
Buy your own Color Switch here.

FFF Pick:
Cuccio Somatology Calm+Clean Epsom Salt Hand and Body Wash: ($39.95) 
I also kind of knew that I was going to get sent this after watching the reviews. I am fine with that because the other product seemed kind of excessive and not that useful for me. I would never spend this type of money on a hand wash, but I will probably test it out was a body wash. In the reviews I watched, I kind of heard that it was very very scented, so we'll have to see how I do with it. I tend to avoid excessively scented body wash not because of any sensitivity or allergy or anything, but because of my own personal preferences. I would like to say that this company is super nice. The the CEO reached out to me on Instagram after I posted my box and tagged the brands offering me an additional discount on top of the FFF member discount offered just simply because I tagged the brand! I declined at that time because I'm doing a low-buy year and want to use up all my other products first, but she was understanding and has offered that discount to me later. Let me know if you want to try out any of the other products the brand sells and I will read up on them and then perhaps purchase them to review later.

All Members:
Drybar Prep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler: ($23)
This was one product that really made me want to check out this box! I really love Drybar products and have never tried this product before. I really need some detangling products these days because I have been experimenting with some other more "natural" shampoos. It's kind of killing my hair, so maybe I'll go back to the ones with sulfates. I know it's supposed be bad for me, but my current situation ain't great. I'll let you know what I think!
Buy Drybar Prep Rally and try it for yourself

Makeup Eraser in Original Pink: ($20)
So, this was the other product that really sealed the deal for me, especially since I knew everyone would get this in their boxes. I had been eyeing buying these for myself for the past couple of years, especially for traveling. So, when I saw this come in the previews and after adding it to the Drybar Prep Rally, I knew I would get the value out of this box even if I was only medium happy about one of the products.
Buy Makeup Eraser here (there is a coupon available at the time of writing).

Price I paid: $49.99
Value of box: $304.94

*FTC Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links which means, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through the links provided and make a purchase.*