[Seoul - Sookmyung University] Blind Alley Raccoon Cafe in Seoul

Blind Alley is one of the many animal cafes in Seoul. Along with the sheep cafe (Thanks Nature), it's one of the cafes that I feel okay going to because the animals are actually taken care of.

When animal cafes were trending, a ton of cafes popped up, and they force labor out of these poor animals. So, I researched Blind Alley and Thanks Nature before I visited the first time. Both of the owners of the cafe keep these animals as actual pets.

At Thanks Nature, the raccoons are not the main part of the cafe. They're only out and playing during a certain time of the day, so make sure to call them ahead of your visit if you want to meet the raccoons. Sometimes, the raccoons don't even come out if the cafe owner thinks the raccoons are too stressed out or if they're sleeping, etc. Also, the hours can also be cut short if the animals get stressed out with the humans coming into the room.

Blind Alley has expanded recently and how has pigs and corgis you can interact with!

Luckily, the Blind Alley cafe menu is quite extensive and you can tell that the raccoons are just a bonus. They're not the primetime feature of the cafe and you don't get price gauged because they drew you to the cafe.

We got regular brewed coffee and a strawberry banana smoothie. The prices were pretty comparable to the prices of other cafes in the area and may have actually been cheaper than the prices at some of the chain cafes/coffee shops, if you know what I mean.

This is also a cafe that requires one purchase per person. So, definitely remember that.

There are two raccoons. One is a black raccoon and the other is a white raccoon. I still want to shake hands with the white one, in theory, but I'm actually pretty scared of raccoons. The idea of going to a cafe to see raccoons was something I had to really wrap my head around. Since I'm coming from America, if you heard a cafe had raccoons, you knew that was one cafe to avoid, especially at night. 😆

I would say that if you are at the cafe and there are a bunch of like 19-year-old Korean girls there who seem to be the selfie types, you may want to skip going into the room with them. They usually start shrieking and, well, raccoons hate shrieking.

Sookmyung Women's University (line 4), take exit 10 and walk under the tunnel. Walk straight until you get to the second street. The cafe is a little off the road, but there are some signs including some cute signs with raccoons on it.

Have you been there? What did you think?

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