[Seoul - Gyeongbokgung] Coco Blanc - Blue Aesthetic, Seochon Cafe

My friends and I stumbled upon Coco Blanc as we were exploring Seochon one day.

We were drawn to it because it was pretty empty, so we could actually sit and chat and actually hear each other. Once we looked at the menu (and the case with all of the baked goods), we decided to add on some cakes to our plan for a cup of tea.

I mean, just judging by the decor, you can probably tell that this was a "splurge" cafe. Don't expect to get tea for like 3,500 KRW. I can't remember how much it was exactly, but I think it was about 2x that. Isn't hot tea just the biggest scam?

One of my friends actually got a pot of tea because she was planning on staying a little longer than us and doing a little work.

We really enjoyed these cakes and I'm sure you wouldn't go wrong with any cake you choose. The cakes were so fresh and made in house. Once they're sold out for the day, they're sold out.

So, this is a picture of the atmosphere and aesthetic. It's kind of a weird mix of decor periods, in my opinion, but I'm in science, not design, so you tell me.

I love these chairs. I kind of want some of these for my own house. They weren't especially comfy, but they look so nice and would fit in my apartment very well.

Also, I never really thought about it, but this cafe really made me realize that Korean cafes and restaurants don't usually think about floor tiles and the look of the floor. I can't really remember any other cafe off the top of my head that had nice tiles like Coco Blanc had.

If you want to go to Coco Blanc and check out the tiles for yourself, type in 코코블랑 into your map app of choice.

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