[Sokcho] Winter Weekend Trip to Sokcho and Yangyang

Have you ever been to Sokcho in the winter? I have.

I have only visited in the fall and summer in the past, so figured I'd check it out and let you know what it's like in winter.

Since I live in the city, I was kind of in awe at how countryside this felt. It was right by the ocean, so there was a lot of development and new, beautiful hotels (thanks to the Olympics), but there is still that quaint countryside feel to the area.

These pictures just don't do the area justice. There are beautiful mountains surrounding the city on one side and then the ocean on the other side.

I tried to be artsy at sunset, but I am pretty sure I failed. 😂

This is also when I learned that there are people who try to visit all of the lighthouses in Korea.

There is a nice little boardwalk that connected my resort with the red lighthouse.

If fishing is your thing, you can rent fishing poles. The water was quite clear when I visited. I was also surprised that there wasn't that much trash in the water, too, which made it especially exciting to me.

In the morning, we went to the real beach in Yangyang. We went to this beach in particular because of the azure blue water and how clear it is. This is the 낙산해수욕장 in case you want to also visit, just search it on your map app.

I was actually kind of surprised that there were other people on the beach, but there definitely were! I'd say, not including our group, there were about five others of maybe 4-5 people each, which was pretty good considering the time of day and the time of year.

No pictures, but after this, we went to the market in Sokcho for lunch. I picked up some of the famous fried chicken and then we headed back to Seoul.

It's always so nice to get away from Seoul and relax a little bit away from the hustle and bustle and the "go-go-go" attitude.

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