[Seoul - SNU] The Melting Pot - Specialty Burgers in Sharosugil - AVOCADO in Seoul

The Melting Pot in Sharosugil near Seoul National University station is one of my favorite specialty burger restaurants in Seoul and I recommended it to a few friends and we have all been equally impressed at the quality of the food and the price point at which the food is sold (scroll down to see the menus with prices).

I was cleaning out my old phone and found a bunch of Seoul photos that I meant to post on here, but have never gotten around to posting.

Sharosugil near Seoul National University station (line 2) is a street filled with a bunch of cute cafes and restaurants. I was so happy that I lived kind of close so that I could take a medium-length walk from my apartment and meet up with my friend for dinner. Today and tomorrow's posts are about restaurants I ate at often in Sharosugil. There will be more coming as I finish going through my phone.

These are obviously going to be my favorite places to eat at with my friends and we have gone many, many times and because they were kind of more neighborhood spots for me, right by my friends.

Why do most specialty burger spots sell fries separately in a "share size"? I have my theories.

The fries at The Melting Pot are kind of my perfect fries. They were super crispy on the outside and smooth and moist on the inside still. They were not overly fried and were perfectly seasoned.
We found avocado on the menu in Seoul! This is the Avocado Burger. The first time we ordered this, we definitely thought that it was going to be just like a little slice or something or maybe like some prefabricated avocado mash or something like that, you know? But now, this is made with a full on fresh avocado and you're given a whole half of the avocado, too.

This burger is also topped with some microgreens, tomatoesd, and "California sauce." The sauce is the only thing I would say I could live without on the burger. The sauce is kind of like a sweet onion poppyseed dressing with a slight hint of mustard, with an emphasis on the sweet. I could see what they were going for, but it's not my personal flavor preference.

This is the Blue Chicago Burger. It is topped with red onions (also pretty rare in Korea), microgreens, and a blue cheese sauce. I was surprised the first time I ordered this because it was also topped with honey. Just as a warning for you. In terms of the sauce, it was a little more...runny than I would hope for and expect for a blue cheese, but it's kind of hard to get blue cheese in Korea because I think it's kind of a taste that you have to acquire and not that many Koreans have yet acquired that taste. So, I think the sauce was a little Koreanized just to fit the flavor palette in Korea.

I really like the buns at The Melting Pot. The buns are always so fresh and I love sesame seed buns in general, so I'm kind of always quite excited when I find them in Korea.

I'd also like to point out that, for some of the burgers, you can either choose to get a 200g burger (the regular size) or a 140g burger (the junior size). I have always gone for the junior size and have always been happy with my choice and have always left satiated.

The menu items are written in English, but the ingredients are only in Korean, so I will translate below. I've never tried the grilled cheeses or the other sandwiches, so if you've tried it, let me know!

Burger translations:

Classic Cheese Burger - patty, onion, tomato, american cheese, pickles, microgreens
Avocado Burger (see above) - patty, avocado, tomato, California sauce, microgreens
Blue Chicago Burger (see above) - patty, onion, tomato, blue cheese sauce, microgreens
Boston Burger - patty, mozzarella, pickles, basil, ketchup, microgreens
Detroit Double Burger - 2 140-g patties, onions, bacon, 2 American cheese slices, Detroit sauce (no idea what this is) *This burger is only available in one size
Pesto Pesto Burger - patty, mozzarella cheese, pickles, basil pesto sauce, basil, microgreens
Garlic Burger - patty, onions, garlic flakes, bbq sauce, garlic sauce, microgreens (I often get this burger and recommend)
Chilli Lava Burger - patty, chili (not sure if this means chili or peppers, but I'm kind of leaning towards chili), onions, pickles, gochu peppers, chili sauce, microgreens
Hawaiian Burger - patty, pineapple, pickles, mozzarella, bbq sauce, microgreens
Melting Works - patty, onion, bacon, pickle, cheese (American + Swiss + Provolone), microgreens

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