[Seoul - Sinchon] Amma - I also had to revisit my go-to dinner spot near Yonsei

When I studied abroad at Yonsei (omg, it was a decade ago), I went to Amma all the time with my Danish and Swedish friend. Even years and years later, the owner still remembered me, even if I didn't go with my friends. I am sure we were a pretty memorable group when we were together, so I was shocked that he and his wife remembered me when I was alone because I'm a pretty average person. I was shocked.

One of my friends and I went to Amma and met up for a quick lunch. Even though I hadn't been there in years, the owners still remembered me (and gave me a discount for being such a loyal customer).

They gained a ton of popularity a few years after I discovered them. They were featured on a few Korean television shows, so even at the very random time of day we met on a weekday, there were still plenty of customers. Congratulations to them! I am so happy when I see small business owners succeed while still maintaining the quality food and customer service they've always provided to their loyal customers.

The decor had definitely changed since I visited so often (they also changed locations). The new decor is a lot more lavish.

Every meal comes with salad and this tray holding three varieties of pickles. I am pretty sure this is a Korean cultural thing...I mean for sure the sweet pickles are a Korean thing, but the other two pickles are kind of TBD, let me know your opinion of why these pickles are here.

We decided to share the set menu, which is tandoori chicken (above) and curry (below.

I, personally, am not a huge fan of tandoori chicken, but my friend loves it and it's one of her go-to orders at any Indian restaurants. My friend gave high praise to the tandoori chicken at Amma. She said it was quite tasty and all of the ingredients were super fresh. She also loved the sauces that came with the food. I tried a bit of chicken and I, too, was quite impressed. The chicken was quite tender and juicy and the flavor went all the way through the meat.

You know me. I had to get my absolute favorite curry. I have legitimately never seen it on a menu anywhere else in the world. Can you tell me where else I can find it? It is not a very attractive, I must say, but this is one example of a time when you 100% cannot judge a book by its cover.

This is the chicken harabara. I kind of want to recommend you to not try it because you'll probably fall in love and never find it again until you go back to Amma. It's a green curry made with chicken and spinach, but it also has a pretty nice spice level and some nice acidity, too. Basically, just every single bite is a treasure.

When we visited, they were running a special and we were so lucky. They gave us free refills of naan when you ordered a set, so we got free naan!

I love the garlic naan and the kabli naan (cashew naan)! I 100% recommend buying orders of each.

If hookah/shisha is your thing, the new location has a pretty extensive menu (below). My friend really wanted to partake, but it's not really my thing. She made note to come back later, maybe in the more evening hours.

This is the new decor/space. There are private rooms in which you sit on floor pillows and then where we sat, which features more Western-style tables and chairs. There's a cute little pond/water feature in the middle of the dining room, too.

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