[Korea] Paris Baguette - Strawberry Surprise Cake

I was gifted a Paris Baguette Strawberry Surprise Cake during strawberry season in Korea (winter).

I was kind of surprised it was from Paris Baguette because it looked pretty nice. If it hadn't been in a PB cake box and didn't have that PB placard on on the top, I would have probably guessed that it was from another cafe. Since I was gifted this, I don't know how much it cost, but I think the seasonal cakes at PB are usually around 25,000KRW.

The inside of the cake has two layers of yellow cake. The "surprise" is that the center of the cake is filled with strawberry jam and the whipped cream frosting that is on the outside of the cake. That was a pretty big surprise when we cut into it, that's for sure.

Like with most Korean cakes, the frosting is a smooth, creamy frosting. It's not as sweet and grainy as American frostings. It's maybe kind of a smoothness and creamy level of the cream from an Asian choux cream (cream puff). I, personally, prefer it, but I am not a sweets person.

I would say that I probably wouldn't buy this cake again to eat it, but it does look nice to give as a gift. It is only available during strawberry season, so who knows if it'll be around next year.

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