[NYC - Chinatown] Jing Fong - Dim Sum Review

So, I knew of Jing Fong first as "the dim sum place in Chinatown with the huge escalator." If your friend have mentioned the huge escalator to you, this is the right place.

I come here every few years or so.

This visit was kind of bad timing. We arrived kind of late because we had been waiting for a table at Tim Ho Wan, but gave up. Then, we had some subway woes and ended up taking the bus.

Anyway, the Sunday rush was kind of winding down, so it was kind of slim pickings for us.

Jing Fong is probably fun to take visitors to because of the aforementioned giant escalator. It is also a HUGE banquet hall sized room, which oddly adds a little to the NYC Chinatown dim sum experience ambiance. Jing Fong does do the whole cart service, so it could be a little overwhelming for first-timers, but it could also be quite fun.

So, I apparently deleted the picture I took of the order pad. The prices are done by size of the plate. I can't remember the exact prices for each plate, sorry. Next time! I will for sure remember to take a picture and save it.

Since it was near the end, there weren't many meat options left.

We ended up getting the rice roll. It's stuffed with pork, chives, and I believe shrimp.

It was okay, not the best. I'm still on a quest to find a good rice roll. So, if you have any recommendations, please comment below or send me a DM on Instagram. :)
This one was a mistake made by yours truly. I don't speak Chinese at all and my boyfriend doesn't speak Cantonese, so we were both equally lost. 

This one is NOT filled with meat. It's the salted egg steamed bun.

I know I'm ignorant, but I didn't know that you can get salted egg buns at dim sum.

So, this wasn't my thing.

This one is barbecue pork (char siu). This was pretty good, but since we were there pretty late into service, the buns were kind of...cold.

This visit was kind of a mistake because of how late we went, but we will probably be back sooner than later. I'll just make sure to get there earlier so we don't get the leftovers.

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