[Busan - Gimhae] Haein Jeonbok 해인전복 - Fresh Abalone in Busan

If you're on a trip to Busan or Gimhae, maybe for a 1-2 day trip from Seoul or to see the Gimhae and Busan's fabled cherry blossoms, definitely add Haein Jeonbok (Haein Abalone) to your itinerary.

Any abalone lovers out there?

I had honestly ever tried fresh abalone before going to this restaurant, so I would probably think I was crazy if I read this post before trying the abalone in Gimhae.

So, this review is REALLY real.

I'm so happy that I tried abalone here. The abalone is really fresh and sourced from Korea. I think that maybe some of my issues with seafood stem from the fact that I grew up in Minnesota and none of the seafood I tried was ever really, really fresh.

These abalones were SUPER fresh. The owner said they get new abalone every day. She also plucked them from the tank and brought them to the kitchen to prepare.

These are the side dishes. I actually liked the kimchi here and I rarely like kimchi. It wasn't too fresh and it also wasn't too funky, not too salty, and not too briney.

I am also quite partial to these particular side dishes, so I'm always a happy camper whenever these are thrown in the mix.

This was our first encounter with abalone for the meal. These were delicious, so I was quite excited for the rest of the meal. These are the grilled abalone.

This is the 전복뚝배기, a mix of seafood including abalone served in a piping hot stone bowl. It also was delicious. I was a little uncertain what else would be served with it and also the quality of the seafood used since it was pretty cheap (12,000KRW), but I was pleasantly surprised.

None of the seafood included in the bowl were at all fishy. So, I am pretty sure that means that the food was quite fresh and of pretty good quality.

There also weren't any clams that were still closed after heating/boiling, so that's always a good sign.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to you if you haven't tried abalone before and are open to the idea of it.

If someone in your party isn't totally on board with the idea, they can also get grilled mackerel meal (고등어구이).

Also, I'm so sorry about the quality of the picture, but we were kind of far from the menu.

I'll write the Korean and English (and prices) below.

알탕 8,000KRW Fish roe soup
고등어구이 8,000KRW Grilled mackerel
전복뚝배기 12,000KRW Abalone in earthenware bowl
전복죽 12,000KRW Abalone jook/porridge
특전복죽 15,000 KRW Large size abalone porridge
전복해초비빔밥 10,000KRW Abalone and seaweed bibimbap
전복 구이정식 15,000KRW Grilled abalone meal
전복 칼국수 9,000KRW Abalone kalguksu (soup noodles)
전복정식 - 30,000KRW Abalone meal (lots of different food items - sorry the photo is poor quality, so I can't make out what's all included)
전복회  Raw abalone (abalone sashimi) 45,000KRW (small size), 65,000KRW (big size)
전복구이 Grilled abalone 45,000KRW (small size), 65,000 KRW (big size)

소주 3,000KRW Soju
맥주 3,000KRW Beer
가을국화 7,000KRW Chrysanthemum wine
설중매 8,000KRW Seoljungmae Plum wine
매취순 8,000KRW Maechisun Plum wine
안동소주 7,000KRW (21% alcohol), 10,000KRW (40% alcohol) Andong soju (famously the strongest soju)
복분자 10,000KRW Raspberry wine
화랑 10,000KRW Hwarang (glutinous rice wine)
진도홍주 15,000KRW Jindo Hongju (100 year red wine from Jindo)

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