[DC - Foggy Boddom] The George Washington University Museum & The Textile Museum Gift Guide

One of the best museum gift stores in DC is the The George Washington University Museum & The Textile Museum Shop (GWTM).

Located at 701 21st St NW on GWU's campus, the museum has some of the most unique gifts in the city. From small gifts for those on a tight budget to true art pieces, there is something for everyone.

The shop has a variety of jewelry. My favorites are by Beloved Beadwork, a woman-owned South African company. Each piece is handmade and the GWTM is one of the few places outside of Cape Town you can purchase them. The most expensive necklaces are $300, but are worth it. The smaller necklaces are $95. The earrings are $75.

I am also fond of the glass post earrings from MoMo, a Massachusetts company. Each pair is handmade, so, although patterns repeat, no two pairs are exactly the same. Each pair is $25.

Some of the best gifts are the scarves. The shop has specific scarves from $12 to $38 for the holidays. The scarves range from acrylic and polyester to 100% silk. The 100% silk scarves are from India and each is unique. All of the scarf choices range in size, weight, and color.

If you aren't looking for accessories, there are a variety of home goods and stationary to choose from. A set of four coasters will cost you less than thirty dollars. There are ceramic ($6.50 each), silicone ($8 each), and beaded ($8.50 each) options. A small handmade bowl from Turkey is $12 and can be used for jewelry or even sauces. I really like the small, shallow, square soapstone dishes--$10 in black, blue, or red.

The shop is open every day until December 23rd. Monday and Friday 11am to 5pm. Tuesday and Saturday 10am to 5pm. Wednesday and Thursday 11am-7pm. Sunday 1pm-5pm.

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