[NYC] Shopping at The Met Gift Shop - 2019 Calendars, Holiday Cards, Gift Guide, etc.

Here are a few unique gifts and holiday sets I found at The Met gift shop for all you last minute shoppers out there! (Also, to people who do New Year's gifts or send out gifts after the holiday rush).

If you can't get to The Met in person, you can shop for everything on the website: https://store.metmuseum.org/

I just wanted to show you some highlights (click to enlarge).

Cards and 2019 Calendars (Buy one get one 50% off)

 Norman Rockwell Popup Advent Calendar $19.99
Waiting for Santa Popup Calendar $19.95
Avian Popup Tree Advent Calendar $19.95
Various holiday and greeting cards
One set for $18
2 sets for $27

Desk Calendars: $19.95 (Refill ONLY $9.95)
Bound monthly calendar: $17.95
Wall calendars: $14.99
Agenda calendars/Datebooks: $16.99+
Mini calendar: $10.95

2 spiral-bound datebooks for $25.48
2 bound premium datebooks for $32.98

2018 Ornaments - Most 2018 ornaments already marked down online! Price in the post is the original marked price.

2018 Met Fifth Ave Ornament

I can't find this one online! It may be limited only to in-store purchases or sold out!
2018 Star Ornaments $40 each

These are plush felt ornaments. $20 each
Also, check out the guy in the back. Some jokester put the knight ornament on the unicorn ornament...as in the knight is riding on the unicorn.

Unicorn ornament $28
Jeweled crown plush $38; set of 3 for $98

Blue hippo ornament: $28

For the shoe and handbag lovers in your life - 2018 shoe and bag ornaments
$28 each
3 bags for $60
7 shoe ornaments for $140

Russian Imperial Egg Ornaments
Set of 6 mini ornaments $60
Set of 3 large eggs for $75
Set of 3 large eggs + set of 6 mini ornaments $125

Special: Designer Products

Versace x The Met Tee: $450
(Not Pictured)

Pat McGrath Labs x The Met Mothership V

Bronze Seduction Eye Palette: $125
Lip Gloss $28
Tees: $62-95

*FTC Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links which means, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through the links provided and make a purchase.*