[Seoul - Myeongdong] Chir Chir Fried Chicken (치르치르)

Chir Chir Fried Chicken is a relatively small chain in Seoul (I'm not sure about the rest of Korea).

I first visited years and years ago, so I was surprised there was still a location in Myeongdong!

Sorry in advance, the photos are kind of dark. It's quite dark in the restaurant and I had a fight with my phone and lost, obviously. I also forgot to take a picture of the menu, so major failure of everything.

The (new) claim to fame for Chir Chir is that they serve "Pot Chicken" as in, super crunchy fried chicken served in a naembi (pot), nest chicken (as in, it's surriounded by a "nest" of either green onions or cheese).

We're not followers of trends, obviously, so we got the OG claim to fame. It's spicy, garlicky, and sweet! It's great. It's also topped with some crisp rice clusters. I don't really know how to describe them other than just by saying what it is. They are great and add some texture to it.

The chicken is fresh and tender/juicy, but yet the coating is crunchy and fried, without being too greasy. I seriously don't know how Korean chicken restaurants do it! It's seriously an art. Even with the sauce on it, it's still crispy.

This is also my favorite part. These are the tongs that you use to eat your chicken with so you don't have to get your hands messy. This one is crazy, though. It kind of looks like some sort of surgical instrument.
The service information from Chir Chir.
1. Check your bill and then ask for your check.
2. For women, they have prepared free blankets for your lap.
3. They have prepared some fabric refresher to remove any food smell or cigarette smell (not sure where the cigarette smell would come from since smoking is not allowed).
4. Hand sanitizer has also been prepared.
5. There are also some hair ties available.
6. They will charge your phone battery for free.
7. There are feminine hygiene products available.
8. If you want to order takeaway, then you should allow them 10 minutes to prepare the food.
9. You are allowed to bring home any unfinished food.

Sorry my translation abilities are rusty...I didn't want to do word for word translations, so sorry if it's a little awkward. Since I left my Korean jobs, I haven't really been doing translation/interpreting on the daily, so I'm getting rusty. Guess I need to go back to Korea for a visit!

From Myeongdong Station (exit 6), go towards your left. Then, from in the DI Mall, turn right. You'll see a Lush. Chir Chir is located in the building next door and is on the third floor. You'll see the chicken logo and know you're in the right place.

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