[Seoul - Gwangjang Market] Soonhee's Bindaeddeok 순희네빈대떡 - Vegetable pancakes! Gwangjang Market Food Tour

I had to revisit Soonhee's Bindaeddeok! This time, I didn't go to the sit-down restaurant. Instead, we just went to the food stall, so it's slightly different, I promise. Here is my other post.

Book a Gwangjang Market Tour! - Eating your way through the market is always better in a group.

Look at her skilled work creating these mung bean pancakes. I really prefer Soonhee's Bindaeddeok to the other bindaeddeok stands in the market. The mung bean pancakes here are made to order and they aren't quite as greasy as some of the other stands I have tried in the past. 

Even if you decide to get the bindaeddeok as takeout food to bring home, they will still make you/give you freshly made pancakes.

So, this was the actual one she ultimately served us.

We only ordered one order of the bindaeddeok, but she kindly asked us if we wanted two cups so we could split the order. Some of the other 

These were SO GOOD. Seriously. It's just such a simple food, but the way they cook it at Soonhee's is perfect for me. It's nice and crispy on the outside, slightly greasy, but not like soaked in grease, and still nice and moist and soft on the inside.

You're also provided a baggie with some sauce and onion (I think it's just soy sauce and vinegar). You can choose to put it on the pancake, but, honestly, I only find that I need it if I have done takeaway.

If I eat my pancake when it's still piping hot, then I will typically not need any sauce since all the flavors are still mingling and getting to know each other.
This is the menu:
Mung Bean Pancake: 4,000KRW (nok-du been dae ddeok) - you can probably just say bindaeddeok
Meat Pancake (pork): 4,000KRW (go-gi wanja)
Batter/dough to take home: 10,000KRW (ban-jook po-jang)

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