[Busan] P & O Gallery Cafe - For some post-sunrise trail hike refreshments

Busan P&O Gallery Cafe is the perfect post-hike cafe for anyone else who was woefully unprepared for the sunrise trail hike along the Busan coast.

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So, my friend and I thought the hike along the coast was going to be simple because, on the map and on the trail markers, the changes in elevation are not really noted. However, that is kind of an actual hike. As in, me and my ballet flats were not in the best of positions to do that hike. It's pretty darn steep in places and, unlike many trails in Korea, it's not really paved. So, if you're considering doing it, at least wear some sneakers.

Maybe I have some pictures from the trail, but we'll see if I have anything usable for a post!

Anyway, at the end of the trail (Bunpo/Namgu side) you'll see P&O Gallery Cafe. Even if you're not doing the hike the location is kind of nice. You get some views of the port and the ocean. It's also quite a chill cafe, so you can definitely chat with friends without having to yell over everyone.

We ended up getting the mojitos. We both had thought it was going to be the konglish meaning of "mojito," but these did have some alcohol in them. They weren't very strong, so don't worry about drinking one in the midday.

The mojitos were quite refreshing and cool, so they were definitely nice to have after doing some physical activity.

It's a "gallery cafe," so there are plenty of interesting things to look at. Also, it was kind of more clean and crisp/modern looking with some crazy colored bright paintings and sculptures. I'm sure the artwork in the gallery rotates, so that's neat, too.

Honestly, it's quite difficult to get to this cafe via public transportation. We arrived via foot after our hike. We left via taxi just because it was cheap.

If you do want to take the subway/bus, I'll give you some directions.
From Beomil (line 1) 범일역, go out exit 8. Walk about 250 meters and take the #22 bus 12 stops to Igidae Entrance 이기대입구. Then, you will walk 1.2 km. Basically, just walk towards the ocean. You'll eventually see it.

부산 남구 분포로 66-30 3층

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