[Jeju Souvenir] Jeju Exclusive Alcohol including Hallasan Soju and Jeju Makgeolli

I've been trying to write more posts to help you choose some gifts/souvenirs of the food/drink variety.

So, I realized I had never published this post about the Jeju-specific alcohol that I recommend. (See my previous post here: Jeju Soju)

These are what I recommend trying out when you're in Jeju. On the left is the Jeju Makgeolli and on the right is the Hallasan soju.

The Jeju Makeolli is probably not the best thing to bring back with you in your suitcase since it's carbonated. But, it's definitely a good choice to try in your hotel room, especially if you like makgeolli (rice wine).

The Jeju makgeolli does have a slightly different flavor. It's crazy to try to explain, but I felt like it tasted stronger. As in, I could really taste the alcohol. It was NOT smooth. I can usually drink a few cups of makgeolli before I can taste the alcohol, but this one hit me from the first sip.

On the other hand, the Hallasan Soju is SO SMOOTH. I really recommend that you bring some back with you. It's somewhat hard to find outside of Jeju, but it did get popular for a bit and you could find it in restaurants in Seoul. What makes the Hallasan soju unique is that it is made with spring water from Hallasan.

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