[Seoul - Myeongdong] Ranju Kalmyeon Knife-cut Noodles - Maybe the best jjajangmyun in Seoul! Definitely the FRESHEST jjajangmyeon in Korea

So, I'm going to post some posts about the restaurant reviews and tourist things I did on my trip to Seoul. Sorry it took me so long!

This is a revisit to Ranju Kalmyun 란주칼면 (fresh knife-cut noodles), 1+ years later to see if it is still good.

Original visit post here: http://www.eatstretchexplore.com/2017/09/seoul-myeongdong-ranju-kalmyeon-fresh-knifecut-noodles.html
My original visit also included a rice dish and also kkanpunggi (sweet and sour chicken). 

As I wrote before, I like coming here when I go to Myeongdong because it's not a chain and the food is made fresh every day.

Sorry in advance that the translations are weird. I just wanted to use the actual English menu names of the dishes so you could match them to the menu.

This is the Sliced Noodle with Stir-Fried Bean Paste. Also, FYI, this has seafood! The Korean name tells a more complete story. The seafood includes: shrimp, octopus, and squid. 
This is the Sliced Noodles with Sliced Pork Bean Paste. If you're really particular about your pork like I am, this is made from pork loin.
I have tried both the seafood and the pork varieties of the jjajangmyun. I think it really depends on your preference for proteins. I, personally, liked the pork one more because there were more vegetables, but I think it might also depend on the weather and my mood for the day.

Although the prices are slightly more than you would pay Hong Kong Ban Jeom (click here for review), the noodles at Ranju Kalmyun are made fresh every day and you can tell that the noodles are handmade. I also liked how the flavor is consistent on each visit, but, with that being said, the sauce was definitely not made in bulk. It was not too salty and you could actually taste that real ingredients were used.

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