[Snack Attack - Korea] Orion - Nuneul Gamja Potato Stick Review - Buy at Daiso

As I wrote in my previous review, Orion Nuneul Gamja are my FAVORITE potato snacks to keep in my purse.

As you an see in this post (and my previous post), I usually buy these snacks at Daiso for 1,000KRW (about $1).

As a kid, I really loved the Pik Nik potato sticks (buy here), you can even ask my mom.

So, the Pik Nik brand potato sticks are REALLY tiny sticks, like about the size of match sticks if my memory serves me right.

The Nuneul Gamja potato sticks are slightly bigger. Maybe about the size of a bobby pin, if you if that helps you imagine the size.

The Nuneul Gamja potato sticks are also seasoned. It's not really a salt and pepper seasoning as you may expect with a Western mindset. I don't really know how to describe it, but the flavoring is pretty Asian. It's a mix between salty and sweet, but more on the sweet side. If anyone can help me out describing it, please comment below!

The potato sticks in the Orion snack are made from FRESH potatoes, which is great.

The potato sticks are not oily, which is also great. So, that means that the sticks still continue to be crunchy.

Also, random tip, these taste really great after you put them in the fridge. I accidentally put some potato chips in the fridge and then realized that some chips taste better chilled, so I've been testing it with all my new chips flavors.

Let me know if you test it out, too!

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