[NYC - Midtown] The Halal Guys Review with Updated Prices - THE ORIGINAL Chicken Over Rice and Combo Gyro and Chicken Over Rice

The Halal Guys is often on every person's list of places they MUST TRY!

I go every year or so, so I thought I'd update this with the new prices.

Disclaimer: obviously by the shorts in the pictures, these picture were taken in October, but the prices are CURRENT! I looked last week while I was walking past to do some Christmas shopping.
This is the Chicken Platter ($8) aka chicken over rice. This option was my first intro into Halal Guys and the inexpensive food they offer.

The platter is pretty hefty. If you read some of my other The Halal Guys posts, you'll notice in the Itaewon - Seoul post that there's New York size, which is pretty comparable to the size you get in New York.

There are now locations in many countries around the world. Check here for your nearest location (The Halal Guys website).

Since The Halal Guys went public and international, the operation has changed slightly. You now get branded sauce packets for both the famous white sauce and for the red sauce. I asked for an extra white sauce packet in NYC and was just handed one, unlike in Korea where I was going to be charged 1000KRW for an extra sauce.  I am not sure if it was just my luck that day in NYC, but we were given two packets of white sauce per order, so I actually didn't need to ask for an extra packet.

The platters have the protein of choice (chicken, gyro, or falafel), a few slices of pita, yellow rice, and iceber lettuce. You're given packets of both white sauce and red sauce to add yourself (unlike in the past when you were either given plastic sauce cups of the sauce or else the guys squirted the sauce on for you). So, that means that adding the sauce is totally all on you - both in quantity and also the design and aesthetic look of the sauce.

This is the Combo Platter ($8). It is a combination of chicken and gyro (lamb). It would be a good choice for people who can't decide between the two delicious meats or for people who are going to be sharing and the person they share with prefers one meat over the other.
The prices have increased slightly.

I know for a very long time that it was cash only, so I always prepare cash for when I visit the cart (if I went to a brick and mortar location, I always paid with card), so I am not sure if they have a Square or something.

Comment below if you know if you can use card at the cart.
This is the location at 53rd and 6th Ave (across from the Hilton). Make sure you look for this specific looking truck. There are other carts around there that look pretty darn similar - the same color scheme, the word Halal in the title, etc.

If you don't see a line, make sure you double check that you're at the right cart.

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