[Seoul - Gwangjang Market] Hani-ne Food Stall

So, let me start off with an apology, the pictures are out of focus, but I was kind of stressed out by the time the food arrived.

Also, due to my experience here, I would probably not to out of my way to recommend this stall. But, just so you can get a glimpse of what's available, I will add this review here.

Let me start this off with a recount of my own experience here. I conducted all of the transactions in Korean with the worker.

We were on stop 2 or 3 of our food tour of the Gwangjang Market. After scoping out some of the other stalls, we decided to stop here because the workers kept telling me that we could get small portion orders of the foods.

We sat down and I ordered the japchae and the odeng because we were going to go other places for some of the other foods on the list.

I 100% know I never ordered meorigogi (slices of ox head), but one of the workers put it in front of me. Then I told her that I didn't order this and then she kept telling me how delicious and how I should have my boyfriend try it. I kept insisting that I never ordered it and that I didn't want to try it. After insisting about 3-4 times that I did not want to try it, she finally took it away in a huff. I don't know if she was trying to pull a fast one on us because she thought we were dumb tourists.
So, just as a lesson to you all. Tourists are sometimes taken advantage of wherever you travel. Just assess the situation and figure out if standing up for yourself may put you in danger (ie. in a shady taxi or Uber - I also have a story about each of those...so I may write a separate post). This was a low risk situation, so I felt okay standing up for us, but the whole experience left a sour taste in our mouths (not literally).

Anyway, these are what we did order and they were fine. I'm sure the meat would be fine, but I didn't order it and I was not happy about someone trying to trick me into spending 10,000KRW on something I didn't want to try.

There are plenty of other stalls that sell the SAME thing, so if you feel like you're too pressured at one place or get a bad feeling, just move on down the line until you get to a stall you feel is good and that has plenty of others eating at it. 

This is the japchae - I think it's kind of random that you can just order orders and orders of japchae, but maybe this is because a lot of foreign tourists know chapchae. I really prefer eating it at my "banchan buffet" restaurant click here for the post. It's really more of a side dish than an entree. The one here was kind of bland, but the vegetables were fresh. It tasted a lot like sesame oil. The noodle texture was a little off for my tastes. I like it to still be somewhat chewy, but this one was a little limp.

This is the odeng - it's fish paste sheets in a broth (usually dashimi). Again, this food was fine. It was just as it should have been. It was decently hot, too, so I wasn't too grossed out by the thought of lukewarm broth.

This is a snapshot I took of the other options. There's dakbal (chicken feet) and jokbal (pig feet).

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