[K-Beauty] Missha Super Aqua Pore Kling Cleansing Foam

This is the Super Aqua Pore-Kling pore minimizing cleansing foam from Missha.

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I have been using this cleansing foam for a year. I bought it initially because the pollution in Korea was SO bad and I was getting really worried about all the pollution getting into my skin.

I bought it as 1+1 (What does 1+1 mean? It means buy one get one free). Anyway, I got two, which is why I have been able to test it out for a year.

I also got it because after the dry Korean winter, I noticed my pores had become enlarged for the first time...which may also be because I'm getting old/am old.

Anyway, I had read good things about the PORE-Kling toner, but I hadn't read anything about the face wash version. At that same time, I used up my face wash. So, I found it to be a perfect opportunity to try it.

So, unlike my previous face wash, this one has some grittiness to it. It's not just a smooth/creamy facewash. However, it's not as gritty as a face scrub would be.

I think it has been working for "purifying" my pores. I haven't noticed almost any blackheads. The buffer texture does help if I have dry patches on my skin.

It's lightly scented, very lightly. Like I don't really even notice it. It's kind of a light fresh, natural scent (not baby powder), lightly floral/fruity.

It doesn't foam as much as some of the other brands I've tried. It also doesn't clean off my makeup quite as well (I don't know if I'm doing it in the wrong order, but I usually wash my face first with my foaming cleanser and then wash it off and then use micellar water).

Personally, I prefer this Etude House Baking Soda Pore Cleansing Foam (Amazon link). It's a lot more foamy and feels lighter on my skin, if that makes sense. I guess I would prefer the Etude House one because it does remove my makeup better and is foamier.

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