[Snack Attack - Taiwan] Kenji Crispy Gaufrette

I was given these Kenji Crispy Gaufrette cookies by a friend who had returned to Seoul from a trip to Taiwan.

This is another Taiwan snack souvenir post.

I think these became quite popular in Korea, so it's one of those anticipated gifts when someone comes back from Taiwan, kind of like the pineapple cakes.

I ate them and realized I had forgotten to take a picture of the cookies themselves. But, the packaging is so cute and clean.

I got one of each flavor because I'm greedy. The blue one is vanilla and the pink one is strawberry.

The wafers are quite thin and are flat and circular. The flavor is light and somewhat sweet. It's not like an American wafer cookie, but maybe more like a stroopwafel from the Netherlands in texture, minus the grid waffle-ness.

The vanilla one was my favorite out of the two. It tasted like a really nice and creamy. The strawberry one tasted kind of artificial to me, but maybe it's just because I'm not really a fan of berry flavored sweets.

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