[Minneapolis - Target Field] Pizza Luce at Target Field (Minnesota Twins)

Did you know that Pizza Luce has a location in Target Field? You can enjoy your pizza while watching the Minnesota Twins game. (Full menu picture to below)
Guest post today written by my mom.

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On your first visit to a Pizza Lucé in the Twin Cities take a lot of friends. There are too many great specialty pizzas to try for just a party of two.
The crust. The sauce. Fresh ingredients. So many toppings and combinations to choose from … Those are some of the reasons I keep going to Pizza Lucé. (https://pizzaluce.com/)

Lucé serves its pizza in large slices that you can easily fold in half. Their hand-tossed crust is thin, but not too thin. The outer edge is just thick enough that you want to find a way to save some sauce and meat for the last few bites, but the crust is so soft and flavorful that if you have to eat a few bites plain you won’t be disappointed.
Don’t forget the beer. They have a wide variety of craft beers and the American standards. The mugs are cold and refreshing. 

If you are looking for a way to sample Lucé’s pizzas, go at lunchtime. You choose by the slice from the varieties offered each day. Or you could try their stand at Target Field, home to the Minnesota Twins baseball club. It’s in centerfield, behind Section 234. That’s where I first tried their Pizza Athena. I loved it as any fan of Kalamata olives, feta cheese and pizza would. Others on the ballpark menu are meat and cheese. You can get a slice or a whole pizza.

Lucé also caters. If you find yourself at a meeting anywhere in the Twin Cities area and someone asks “Where should we order from?” say Pizza Lucé and try a wide selection. At one meeting we ordered their baked potato pizza – my colleagues raved about it. I tried a piece and thought it was weird, but it’s the only flavor I’ve tried that I didn’t like. My daughter liked baked potato a lot when she tried it fresh at one of the restaurants.

Once you’ve tried a few specialty pizzas, you can, maybe, convince your not so adventuresome friends to experiment the next time the crowd goes out together.

If one of your friends doesn’t really like pizza (really?) there’s a lot to choose from on the menu. I hear that their hoagies are fresh and tasty, but if I go to a pizza restaurant, I have pizza, so there’s little chance I will eat a sandwich there. You will have to try it and let me know what you think.
Lucé has seven restaurants in the Twin Cities and one in Duluth. Try any one of them, or all of them. The ambiance changes, but the pizza is always great. 

Meredith's note: I'll be writing a post soon about the baked potato pizza, so keep an eye out for that!

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