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[NYC - Chinatown] Mango Mango - Asian Fruit Desserts

We revisited Mango Mango, one of my favorite places for Asian desserts in New York City.

I think I wrote a post about Mango Mango in 2014, but it's still around (I think there may actually be more locations now).

I thought I took a menu picture, but I guess I forgot. SORRY!

We got the fresh fruit dessert with strawberry, mango, grass jelly, and mango ice cream.

It's refreshing, but isn't too cold. It's not like a bingsu. It's kind of like a cold dessert soup with fresh fruit and mango juice. I typically really like grass jelly, however, this one was just all right. I'm not sure if it's because of the strawberry, or if it's just not my type of grass jelly.

There are some other more unique Asian fruit options available like durian (the famous stinky fruit) and some other Asian textures like sago and sweet glutinous rice balls.

It's also a good place to go for hot Asian desserts. There are some warm dessert soup options, too, like red bean paste, peanut paste, and black sesame paste.

For people who prefer "safer" more mainstream options, there are also some ice cream desserts, mango juice, and other fresh juices.

In the past, my friends and I have also tried the combos, which give you the opportunity to try a couple of the top selling items. It's a good primer into Asian desserts.

The one with the mango fruit bowl, the mango drink, and the mango milk pudding was definitely my favorite.

I would definitely recommend checking out a combo on your first visit!

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