[Seoul - Gangnam] Robot Kimbap - Premium Kimbap and other Korean fast food

I revisited Robot Kimbap, one of my favorite premium kimbap spots, on my recent trip to Korea.

The location we visited is located in Gangnam station in the Bundang line side of the station. It's open very early and does great business selling kimbap to rush hour commuters. If you're leaving quite early, too, you can just go and pick up the premade kimbap they have by the cash register.

We wanted to order some hot food and one of the kimbap they didn't have premade, so we grabbed a table. FYI, there are some side dishes that are self-serve only. There's some hot broth, pickled mu cubes, and turnip greens kimchi.

This is the fresh wasabi tuna kimbap (#1 on the menu). It's not my favorite one, but it's pretty good. The tuna is pretty good quality, a lot better than you'd get at some of the other chains like Kimbap Chunguk. All of the other ingredients were very fresh. Overall, I'd recommend it if you wanted a change.

This is the "junior" size of the anchovy almond kimbap.

We also got a brown rice sujebi mandu (Korean cut noodle dumplings and mandu) soup. This was really filling. It's quite mild, so if your stomach is not feeling so good or if you want something filling, but not too heavy or spicy to start your day, definitely go for this soup.

There's an English menu at most locations if you ask for it, but I will translate the menu below for you. Sorry that it's going to be SO MUCH TEXT.

1) Fresh wasabi tuna mayo kimbap (what I had)
2) Almond, walnut, anchovy, cream cheese kimbap
3) Spicy pork kimbap (jeyuk)
4) Deluxe tuna kimbap
5) Alaska creem cheese kimbap
6) Ddukgalbi kimbap (sweet marinated meat patty) - Read my previous post here
7) German sausage kimbap
8) Almond, walnut, anchovy kimbap
9) Robot Galbi Kimbap
10) The healthy ham and vegetable kimbap
11) Double cheese kimbap
12) Roasted chicken breast salad kimbap
Healthy Series (made with brown rice and beans, no meat. These are vegetarian, but I'm not sure they're vegan.)
13) Robot kimbap (made with tofu skin)
14) Robot fresh wasabi roll (made with tofu)
15) Bean galbi healthy roll

16) Alaska sockeye salmon cream cheese kimbap

Junior (mini) kimbap
17) Bean galbi (vegetarian)
18) Galbi
19) Tuna
20) ddukgalbi (marinated meat patty)
21) Cheese
22) Almond walnut anchovy (what I had)

Hot dishes:
31) Brown rice sujebi (cut noodle dumplings) ddukbokki
32) Brown rice sujebi (cut noodle dumplings) cheese ddukbokki
33) Brown rice sujebi (cut noodle dumplings) ramyun ddukbokki
34) Brown rice sujebi (cut noodle dumplings) cheese ramyun ddukbokki
TIP: Add a bowl of rice for 1,000 to eat with the sauce
35) Robot bibimguksu spicy noodles
36) Spicy jjolmyun (spicy cold noodles)
37) Spicy bibim wangmandu (spicy king dumplings)
38) Brown rice sujebi mandu soup - what I had
39) The healthy fish cake soup
40) The healthy fish cake soup with udon noodles
41) Fried udon
42) Oyster jjamppong ramyun
43) Robot classic ramyun (it'll be like Shin Ramyun with toppings)
44) Double cheese ramyun (it'll basically be Shin Ramyun with cheese)
45) Spicy hangover ramyun

Plates: (not sure where 46-50 went)
51) Robot donkatsu (pork cutlet) - I've had this one, it's quite nice and quite hearty if you're looking for a cheap, but filling meal with meat
52) Mozzarella cheese donkatsu (pork cutlet with mozzarella)
53) Robot galbi hamburg steak
54) Robot Combo (donkatsu with a hamburg steak)
55) Robot yukgaejang (hot and spicy meat stew)
57) Spicy jeyuk (fried pork) rice bowl
58) Double galbi rice bowl

5 fried seaweed rolls for 3000; add as an extra to your food (2 pc) for 1200
3 fried big king dumplings wangmandu for 3600; add 1 piece as an extra to any dish for 1200
Soondae (Korean blood sausage) 4000; add as an extra to your food for 2000

Side menu: 
Mini rice (500 won)
Side of rice (1000 won)
Fried egg (500 won)
I'm not sure what was sold out that day, but it's some sort of cheese, sorry I can't read under the black tape (500 won)
Soda - Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, and Fanta (1500 KRW) - I think this is one of the only places you can get Dr. Pepper in Korea
San Pellegrino Sparking Water (No flavor/Orange) 2000 won
Lorina Sparking (Pink) 3000 won
Basil seed drink 3000 KRW

This poster introduces the four new menu items:
Upper left: Spicy mixed wang mandu
Upper right: Fried seaweed roll (stuffed with sweet potato noodle - dangmyun)
Bottom left: Fried udon
Bottom right: Fried wangmandu

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