[Snack Attack - Korea] Orion Banana Choco Pie

I tried the Orion Banana Choco Pie with marshmallow cream on my most recent trip to Korea.

Buy them here (but extremely overpriced): Amazon

This was one of those snacks I always questioned while living in Korea because I thought it sounded so weird. It came around right when banana everything was popular - see this banana milk post.

I thought they'd never last, but they were still there during my last visit.

I tried them and then decided I needed to get them as Korean treats for my office since it's such a Korean idea.

First off, make sure you buy this brand! It's the Orion brand. It's the only one that has marshmallow filling. Then the banana flavoring is also on/around the marshmallow. If you buy another brand, instead of marshmallow cream, it's more like whipped cream.
Sorry about the ripped box, these were the free ones that came attached to another thing I bought.

It says it's made with a smooth marshmallow cream, eggs, and a fresh banana cream. Then, it's just like a normal choco pie.

Here's the gross inside bite. You can see the marshmallow  and banana cream, though.

Orion Banana Choco Pie: Amazon
Orion Choco Pie: Amazon
Orion Green Tea Choco Pie: Amazon

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