[DC - Navy Yard] Washington Nationals Ballpark Food - Crab Cakes, Ben's Chili Bowl, Country-style biscuits, and more!

Did you know that the Washington Nationals Ballpark has some of the punniest names for their food vendors?

Leave a comment below if you have been to a ballpark with more punny names than this one.

See You Tater and Haute Dogs and Fries

See You Tater sells nothing but tater tots and Haute Dogs sells designer dogs and french fries. (Click to enlarge the menu.) I kind of want to try the Banh Mi Dog! If you've tried it let me know what you think!
Distilleries of the DMV

The DC area is quite proud showcasing its own products. A whole vendor is devoted to selling liquor from distilleries from the DMV.
District Drafts - Craft Beer

If beer is more your thing (as it is mine), you can also stop by District Drafts for a draft beer. There are some non-local beers, too (like Stella, for example)

I got the Old Ox Hoppy Place IPA. It's a West Coast IPA, so it's not TOO hoppy, maybe just hoppy enough that my mom even enjoyed her sip. I personally love IPAs that are super hoppy, but even still I quite enjoyed this IPA. It has notes of pine and citrus, but it's not very citrus-y.

Ben's Chili Bowl
Ben's Chili Bowl has an outpost in the Nationals Ballpark. I still hold that it's really a not very attractive food, but it's a classic DC food. This is the chili dog, but they also have the half smokes on offer, too. (Click to enlarge the menu)

Chesapeake Crab Cake

This is the crab cake sandwich from the Chesapeake Crab Cake stand. (Click to enlarge menu). I would probably not order it again. It was slightly underseasoned. It's supposed to come with "homemade potato chips," but I definitely saw these get poured out of a bag of kettle chips. The bun was pretty dry, but I wasn't really into the sandwich for the bun, so it was fine. I wish more vegetables came with my sandwich, but especially given the price, but that is probably also personal preference.

If you don't have any other time available for you to get a crab cake during your time in DC, you should give it a go, but there are plenty of other options outside that will be much better. 

These are some of the other vendors at the park. This is, obviously not a complete list, but just some highlights.
Full and up-to-date list of concessions here: https://www.mlb.com/nationals/ballpark/concessions-guide
Shake Shack

Steak of the Union

Blue Smoke Barbecue

Budweiser Brew House
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