[Snack Attack - Korea] Nongshim Beef and Wasabi Flavor Potato Chips

Nongshim has come out with a NEW FLAVOR of potato chips - beef and wasabi.

This is not SUPER new, I guess. Wasabi was kind of becoming the "hot new flavor" while I was still living in Korea. Thank goodness, too. Honey butter was getting to be quite old.

Every snacks brand came out with some sort of wasabi flavor. This was actually one of my more favorite ones. It wasn't trying to be shockingly wasabi spicy. You know what I mean...wasabi isn't really like hot pepper spicy, but it has a different type of spice. Some of the other snacks I tried were trying to just be in your face about how spicy it was. You couldn't really taste much else other than the burning of the wasabi.
It's semi-sweet, but there are subtle wasabi and beef flavors. It's kind of like the beef had a demi glace flavor, if you've had that flavor of Japanese potato chips, you know what I mean.

I would probably buy this again, but it's not a flavor I crave. When I got it, there was a 1+1 promotion and I did eat the second bag without hesitation.

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