[NYC - NYU] Kopi Kopi NYC - Indonesian Cafe

Kopi Kopi is a great cafe located near NYU! It is an Indonesian café, selling Indonesian food items, pastries, and beverages.

The most unique item is the Es Alpukat ($7). It is a very Indonesian beverage. Es Alpukat is a coffee and avocado milkshake. It is a very unique drink. You cannot find it anywhere else in the city! It is definitely worth a try. The espresso adds an extra layer of flavor to the rich, creamy avocado. The baristas add a cute flower pattern in the foam on top using chocolate syrup.

They have other specialty beverages available for purchase. I also highly recommend the Hot Ginger Brew ($5). It is brewed ginger extract mixed with steamed milk and sugar. It is very comforting if you have a cold. There are so many other choices of specialty beverages I haven't tried yet, so I recommend you just go and order something you're in the mood for (in addition to the Es Alpukat).

They also serve more traditional espresso-based beverages, coffees, and teas. It's great here. They have a Yelp deal that allows you to get BOGO for coffee. If the manager is there, you are usually allowed to get an espresso beverage like a latte in the BOGO, but sometimes you are only allowed brewed coffee. It all depends on who is working that day.

Other discounts include a NYU student discount. Even though I went to Columbia, the baristas sometimes let m get the discount, too. They have great customer service. The baristas are knowledgeable and will recommend drinks for you if you are having a difficult time deciding or if you want to try one of the specialties.

Kopi Kopi also has a great selection of pastries and baked goods, some are Western like the chocolate chip croissant, but some are Indonesian. I was unable to try the coconut cake (gluten-free) because of a coconut sensitivity, but my friend has tried it and recommends it. They also have an Indonesian pastry filled with chocolate chips, bananas, and cream cheese. It is very rich, but is worth a try!

As a restaurant, they serve real Indonesian food like Nasi Goreng ($10) and lunch wraps. The food is a little slow getting to the table, but they cook to order and everything is hot when served.

Kopi Kopi sells beer, wine, and cocktails. I guess this makes it unique for a coffee shop. I have not taken advantage of these alcoholic options since I usually come for coffee, but it's good to know you have the option.

There are three rooms. The front room is bright and houses about 20 seats. There is a middle room that has some high table seats and the restrooms (very clean, two). The third room is in the back and seats about 30. The third room is usually quieter and is filled with people on their Macbooks, studying, and using the free wifi. It is quite dark back there, though.

Overall, the café is kept quite cold, so be prepared for that. I have conspiracy theories about why this is (wanting to make sure people don't camp out all day). That being said, it is quite chilly in the winter and can be unpleasant for all customers, including people who just want to sit and chat with friends for a bit.

They have free wifi and plenty of power outlets. It is rarely completely packed, so the noise level is always manageable.

When you're finished, take a little walk and sit in Washington Square Park, listen to the street musicians, and do some people watching.

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