[Seoul - Anam] Terre de glace - organic, natural ice cream shop

I found this cute little ice cream shop in Anam, near Korea University. Terre de glace makes its own ice cream from fresh, organic ingredients.

There are about 16 flavor choices that change daily.

Many of the ice cream flavors are made from fresh fruit. There are also more Korean flavors, like misutgaru (Korean grains).

I had the persimmon flavor and nectarine and my co-worker had the misutgaru (Korean grains) and plum flavor.

The combination of the persimmon and nectarine was very fresh and light.
Overall, the flavors are not overly sweet and are also very light.

They also have more traditional ice cream flavors, like chocolate and vanilla, but these, too, are made in-house.

Some of my other friends have tried the cappuccino flavor and have also said they really enjoyed the freshness and lightness of the ice cream. As a note, the cheese flavor will be like a cream cheese flavor, so kind of like a cheesecake-ish flavor, not like a cheddar or mozzarella flavor.

You can ask for samples and the service is very nice.

The flavors are written in Korean and English, so no worries about that. The café itself is very quaint, maybe around 10 chairs available. The service is very friendly and efficient.

You can choose between a cone and cup. The mini size cup/cone is 2300 won and you can choose up to 2 flavors. There is a medium size cup (3300KRW) and you can choose up to 3 flavors. For the large cup (6500 KRW), you can choose up to 3 flavors and for the mega-size cup (13500KRW), you can choose up to four flavors.

If you're feeling like you want a little more than just ice cream, you can get your ice cream served on waffles (4500 KRW). They also have bingsu available (small 5000KRW, medium 7500KRW, and large 11,000KRW). You can choose between patbingsu, gwail (fruit) bingsu, nokcha (green tea), ddalgi (strawberry), and coffee bingsu.

Terre de glace also serves typical café beverages. I didn't try any, so I cannot comment on them, but I am guessing they are also made using organic ingredient.

I'm not as familiar with this area, so I will try and explain it from memory.
From the Anam roundabout, take the street by the Hana Bank/Tous Les Jours and walk straight until you get to the first intersection. Turn right there and it should be about halfway down the block.

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