[Seoul - Hongdae] Softree - Soft serve custard with a honeycomb chip

Continuing on with my ice cream wanderings, Softree in Seoul and trying the signature honeycomb chip ice cream.

Softree was one of the first places in Seoul serving honeycomb custard a couple of years ago, starting this huge trend that is now all over the world.

We both opted for cups, but you can also have your custard in a cone. There are also mini cones, you can choose flavored cones, too, for an additional cost. There are about 7 flavor options available, but they do run out occasionally. If you just want the original flavor, it is plain custard.

I got the Snow like Sel flavor because I'm not huge fan of the honeycomb texture. This is the original custard with cotton candy on top. Sea salt is sprinkled on top of the cotton candy. The sea salt intensifies the flavor of the vanilla custard and complements the sweet cotton candy perfectly.

My friend got the famous honeycomb (Honey Chip). She was surprised by the texture since she has never tried honeycomb. If you've never tried honeycomb, the texture is extremely waxy, since, you know, it's made from beeswax. She was also surprised that it was not very sweet. The honey is not processed and no sugar is added to the honey chip.

There are locations all over Seoul, the first was in Sinsa. I went to the Hongdae location since it was most convenient to where I was meeting my friend for dinner.

There are now locations in Hong Kong and Softree seems to be expanding even more around the world.

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