[Seoul - Myeongdong] Bongchu Jjimdak in Myeongdong (Korean stewed chicken)

My friend from Germany was visiting me and she also really likes jjimdalk, so we met up in Myungdong (Myeongdong) to have it at Bongchu Jjimdalk.

As I've said before, I really, reallyREALLY like jjimdalk (Korean stewed chicken).

Bongchu Jjimdalk is a chain store. The style is a bit different from the other chain jjimdalk stores (like Andong Jjimdak, Yeolbong Jjimdak). At Bongchu Jjimdalk (鳳雛찜닭, 봉추 찜닭), there are a lot more vegetables and the vegetables are left in much larger pieces. I guess, the appearance is more rustic.

As you can see, there are large chunks of onions, carrots, cucumbers, and red peppers. Even though there are plenty of red peppers, it is not deathly spicy. The red peppers are spicy and complement the sweet sauce. The sweet potato noodles were plentiful and cooked very well.

We ordered the half-chicken without bones (뼈없는, 소) and a side of rice (공기밥). Since it was just the two of us, we didn't add any extras (sari, 사리) to our food. We weren't overly dying because of overeating when we finished.

To eat this "properly," you should eat the sweet potato noodles first, before they get stuck together.

Before the meal, they serve some refreshing cold water radish soup. It is hard to explain, but it is very refreshing, especially on really hot, humid Korean summer days.

We also ordered some Korean alcohol (maehwasu, 매화수). It is Japanese apricot, so the flavor is very light and sweet.

If you want to add extras, you can select add extra sweet potato noodles (dangmyun sari, 당면사리). You can also order some sweet burnt rice (누룽지밥).

Small size (소): 22,000 KRW
Rice (공기밥): 1000 KRW
Maehwasu (매화수): 5000 KRW

Location: Myungdong
From M Plaza/Forever 21/Basic House, walk north, towards the Etude House and Cottiny.
It should be about 3 stores after Cottiny on your left.

There are two floors, so there are plenty of seats available.

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