[NYC - West Village] Dolce Gelato - Spaghetti Gelato

You can find this spaghetti gelato at Dolce Gelato in West Village. This is the most unique gelato I have eaten.

The spaghetti gelato is $6.50 and is very unique. You get to choose which flavors you want for the spaghetti noodles and for the meatball. They top it with strawberry sauce (tomato sauce) and white chocolate shavings (parmesan cheese).

We got vanilla for the noodles and coffee for the meatball. They make the noodles using a potato ricer and then shape the meatball flavor for you.

The gelato itself is pretty good and the price for a small cup of gelato ($4.50). You can choose up to 2 flavors. This is probably one of the better gelato shops in NYC and the price is better than you can find at Grom.

The shop is very small, only two small tables, but the location is very convenient.

Dolce Gelato makes more than 60 flavors of gelato and sorbet, but the flavors available change daily. They boast about their olive oil flavor, so that's worth a try.

Flavors available:

Location: 33 Barrow Street
On the triangle part by Bleeker and 7th Ave.
Subway: W 4th St (A, C, E, B, D, F, M), Christopher Street (1, 2)

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