[Kobe - Sannomiya] Comme Chinois Bakery - French Bakery in Sannomiya

I read about this great bakery, Comme Chinois, in Sannomiya. I read about it first in my Korean guidebook to Osaka.
Comme Chinois Bakery is known for its fresh European-style bread, pastries, and sandwiches. The chef is French-trained and makes about 80+ different types of bread each day.
Once the bread is sold out for the day, the shop will close. Make sure you get to the bakery early!

I bought a baguette for a dinner party at my friend's apartment. It was super fresh. They had just put it out on the shelf right before I grabbed it. The bread was crusty on the outside, but not crusty enough that it cuts the roof of your mouth. The inside was still super moist and baked to perfection, even after I walked around all day with the baguette.
My housemate and I went relatively early in the day, around 10:30, on a Sunday. Even still, we were too late for some of their specialty pastries that we were super excited to try. 
They had a lot of options for sweet pastries available, however. I was feeling like having a more savory breakfast, so I selected some ham and cheese bread and a fruit pastry. 

My housemate selected a French toast and some other bread. She is vegetarian and at that point in the day, most of the more vegetarian-friendly options (other than just plain bread) were sold out. So sad :(

My ham and cheese bread was really good. It wasn't overly packed with ham, which is good because I'm not a super huge fan of ham. The cheese was subtle, but savory. Also, luckily for me, this wasn't an Asian fusion ham and cheese, so there wasn't any hidden mayonnaise.

We decided to sit in the café to eat our bread. I forgot that in Japan when you dine-in at a Japanese café, you have to order at least one beverage per person. I ended up ordering a hot milk tea. It was pretty good, but overpriced.

Yummy dessert pastries! I was really surprised by how cheap these were. I was used to seeing pastries at chain restaurants for about 2x this price. The pastries at Comme Chinois were all about 500JPY.

Location: Sannomiya Station - Subway, not JR/Hankyu/Hanshin Station
8AM to 7PM daily

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