[Seoul - Edae] Geurida Kkum (Real Strawberry Milk and Mint Chocolate Latte) - 그리다꿈 리얼딸기우유 & 오초라떼

Real Strawberry Milk and Hot Oreo Mint Choco Latte
Yum! Geurida Kkum is my FAVORITE stop for creative cafe drinks.

The price is great, too! Unlike many of the larger cafes, the price here is low because, I'm assuming, they have lower overhead costs because they do not need to have WiFi or seats.

This shop is takeout only! Don't let this deter you, however. It is definitely worth it!

Everything I have tried is delicious! All of the drinks are priced lower than 5000KRW (less than 5USD) and there is a selection of hot and cold beverages.

For cold beverages, you should definitely try their signature drink, the Real Strawberry Milk (real ddalgi oo-yoo). This is delicious! I miss it so much!!! I have introduced about 5 of my American friends to it and they are soooo surprised by how delicious it is. The drink itself is very simple. Even though, it is simply crushed strawberries, milk, and shaved ice, there is just something about it that makes it so craveable. There is a specific way to drink it. Take a look at the instruction card on the counter. It will likely make your day and also ensure that your strawberry milk is delicious.

If strawberry is not your fruit, you can also have real banana milk, real pineapple, or real mango milk.

For hot beverages, I recommend the Oreo Mint Chocolate Latte (ocho latte). It is available as a hot beverage or iced beverage. Just order accordingly to your preference. They put whole Oreos in the mint whipped cream. There are also Oreo cookie crumbs throughout the drink and the mint flavor is very strong. To me, it is a perfect beverage if it's is kind of brisk outside because it reminds me of drinking hot chocolate in late autumn.

I have also tried the grapefruit-ade (ja-mong ade). It is very crisp and fresh. It is perfect for a really hot day. Like the strawberry milk, it is filled with crushed ice.

They also have a "byul byul latte," which is really cute when served. The whipping cream is pink and they sprinkle star (byul) candies on top. SO CUTE!

The dal-na-ra pong-dang is an Americano-based beverage with whipped cream topped with almonds and a Korean sugar cookie.

If you do not want coffee and you don't really feel like having a cold fruit beverage, they have royal milk tea! It is great! It's not watery like you sometimes find at Korean café.

There are ample pictures to help guide your decision-making process.

If you are feeling a little hungry, you can get some biscuits or Oreo chocolate muffins. One of my friends ordered a biscuit and commented that it was very moist and seemed to have been freshly baked.

Ewha Women's University Location

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Original location is in Hongdae

The Edae location is down the first road to the right when you're coming from the main gates.

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