[Seoul -Gangnam] Mies Container - "Hooters for women"

I finally got the chance to go to Mies Container with my friend. I had been wanting to try it out for a couple of years and just never got around to it, mainly because I went back to the US for a long time.

It serves Western food (think pizza, salad) and has a very industrial ambiance.

Have you been here before? What did you order? I kind of want to try it again, but don't want to wait in line.

My friend and I met at Mies on a Saturday around noon. We were expecting to have to wait a long time. I had actually went to the wrong location (there are 2 in Gangnam), so we got in right when I arrived (sorry). My friend had actually only waited about 25 minutes by the time I finally got there Gangnam is crazy crowded and I had to basically walk the entire stretch of it.

The restaurant is very industrial, think like a warehouse. It's very open, which means it is usually pretty loud.

The floor is concrete and there is a lot of metal. We were led to our table on the second floor and set our stuff down. To order, we had to go back to the bottom floor and order at the counter. The plates and everything are metal, adding to the industrial feel.

We ended up selecting the popular dishes (salad spaghetti - 12,500KRW and bulgogi cream cheese pizza - 10,500KRW). The menu is available in both English and Korean, so don't worry about ordering. Even though it is so popular, the prices are quite reasonable and the portion size is quite generous. After you order, you are given a numbered construction helmet and you go back to your seat. After they deliver your food, the server "high fives" you. It's their thing.

I guess Mies Container is known internationally now for being the "Hooters for women" and the business model kind of all makes sense now. Mies only hires men and all of the staff members dress like mechanics.

Spaghetti salad - 12,500KRW
The spaghetti salad had a good balance between the pasta and lettuce/vegetable component. The dressing was applied a bit too heavy-handedly for me. The flavor is very strong and caught me a bit off-guard. The salad is made up of spaghetti noodle, romaine lettuce, corn, and red onions and is topped with cheese and the dressing. To eat, you should mix it up so you can get all of the flavors at once.
I think I may order it again since it is an interesting concept, but I kind of wish there was less dressing.

Bulgogi cream cheese pizza - 10,500KRW
I was obviously a little scared of this pizza because I am not a huge fan of cheese (thank you lactose intolerance). I also have been trying to figure out the Korean obsession with putting cream cheese on pizza. The best I can come up with is that the sweet taste of the cream cheese and its smooth texture compliments the salty taste of other pizza cheeses and the crust texture, but if you have any input, let me know.

The bulgogi is marinated in a soy-based sauce and the pizza is covered with a huge, ginormous, ridiculous amount of cheese. I didn't die or anything (thank you lactaid), but I think even if you really enjoy cheese, this is a lot of cheese. Because of the large amount of cheese, it is rather greasy. So, if you're sensitive to grease, you may want to steer clear. I think the reason behind the amount of cheese is the visual appeal of grabbing a bite with your fork and having the strings of cheese trailing off of it, but who knows.

Overall verdict:
Interesting experience, cheap prices, and some unique concept food.
If you are just curious about it, check it out.
The food has been copied by many other chains in Korea now, so if you're in it just for the food, you can probably find some place to eat it without the large line.

Mies Container Gangnam West (The one I was supposed to meet my friend)
Go out Gangnam Station Exit 9, turn right at the first intersection at Hackers Hagwon. Then walk about one-half block and it should be there on your left. It is so easy to find!

Mie Container Gangnam (2nd Location) (The one I accidentally went to)
Located right in café hill.
Go out exit 11 of Gangnam Station. Walk straight until you get to the CGV and then turn right. Go to the second street and turn left. It should be very easy to spot.

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