[Minneapolis - Downtown] Rosa Mexicano - Tableside guacamole, sangria, tacos

Last week, we went to Rosa Mexicano in downtown Minneapolis before a show.

Rosa Mexicano is a chain with a few locations in the United States - Minneapolis, NYC (Union Square, First Ave, Lincoln Center), LA, Miami, Boston, Atlanta, DC, SF and abroad - Dubai.

As with most Mexican restaurants, you are served fresh tortilla chips and salsa to start. The salsa was great! It was flavorful and decently spicy.

We ordered the red sangria (60 oz, $32). It is very fruity. I really enjoyed this sangria, it is made with fresh oranges, pineapples, cucumbers, and apples. The combination of flavors was great.

The guacamole ($14) is Rosa Mexicano's "claim to fame." They make it expertly at the table from fresh ingredients. You can choose between mild, medium, and spicy. We got medium-spice level. To be honest, it was quite bland, so we would likely go for the spicy one next time, perhaps asking for an extra spicy, spicy guacamole. It was really smooth and included avocados, diced tomatoes, onions, and salt. Unfortunately, it was quite salty for us. I think it depends on who makes it.
I got the Baja Tacos ($16). The fish was beer-battered and it was covered with house-made tartar sauce. The server warned me that the tartar sauce was going to be spicy since there were jalapenos in it, but it was also quite bland. This was slightly disappointing because I like spicy food. There was also a lot more tartar sauce on the tacos than I would have preferred. I think it was because of visual presentation reasons, but  I had to scrape some off. I also ordered the Baja Tacos because it is served with Mexican street corn, which I love. This one was good, not the best I've ever had, but passable. Although the server was quite friendly overall, she thought it was nice to tell me an interesting tidbit that this corn was the most unhealthy thing I could ever eat. Umm, thanks for that information? If you're not familiar with it, Mexican street corn (Elotes) is grilled corn with cream and cheese on it...so yeah, a diet-buster. I knew that, but didn't really want to be told about it after eating it.

The others ordered the Cheese Enchiladas ($15) and the Crab Enchiladas ($22). Everyone was pleased with their choices. The crab enchiladas are topped with pumpkin seeds, which was kind of unique, and the tomatillo sauce on the enchiladas was decently spicy. The cheese enchiladas are quite cheese-y, so I would have died if I had tried them. If you order anything other than tacos, you are served family-style cilantro-mint brown rice and some jalapeno black beans to share.
For dessert, the table ordered Churros ($8.50). The churros are served piping hot with three dipping sauces (chocolate, caramel, an raspberry). I was not blown away by this dessert, but I'm not a super huge dessert person. Rosa Mexicano also makes its own ice cream if you're in the mood for something cold.

The interior is nice. There is a large installation piece in the center of the dining room with these flying human forms. The noise level is medium.

Reservations are accepted. I made mine via OpenTable (for 1000 points).

They also have a great happy hour special. For $14 you can get unlimited guacamole from 4-7PM. The sangria is also available at a much reduced price.

Overall, the experience was nice and the service was excellent, but the price is high for the food. I'd be interested in taking advantage of the happy hour specials later, though.

Minneapolis Location:
609 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis

More locations available at the official website: http://www.rosamexicano.com/

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