[Seoul - Gangnam] Paris Croissant - Royal Milk Tea Bingsu

I'm sure all of you have heard of Paris Baguette. There is one on every street in Korea. But, have you heard of Paris Croissant?

For some reason, a croissant is considered to be classier than a baguette. Yeah, not sure why. If you know why, please explain it to me.
Paris Croissant has a large variety of breads, many of which you can find at Paris Baguette, but at a slightly higher price point.

Additionally, you can order espresso-based beverages and hot sandwiches.
The reason why I go here is to eat the milk tea bingsu, milk tea-flavored shaved ice. It is listed as "royal milk tea" bingsu. They also have a "milk tea pokpo bingsu," which is a little smaller. I will try and see if I have a picture of that one. The word "pokpo" means waterfall, so the way they top the bingsu is like a waterfall. The fruits, granola, and nuts are "flowing" down the side of the shaved ice mountain.

It is served in very large bowl. It is topped with fresh fruit (bananas, oranges, sometimes grapefruit), candied nuts, granola

My friends are often leery that it will actually taste like milk tea. For some reason, in Korea, milk tea items do not always have a milk tea flavor...maybe it is because cafes want to match the Korean taste preferences. That, too, like why croissant is higher than baguette, is a mystery for another day. They are also hesitant to believe me that 1) there is a place called Paris Croissant, 2) the bingsu there tastes good.

Anyway, everyone approves of the milk tea flavor. This is the only one I get here since the other flavors can be found at any other bingsu place (ie. green tea, original bingsu, patbingsu - red bean bingsu, strawberry bingsu, blueberry).

Another great thing about getting a milk tea bingsoo here is the price. It is 10,000KRW (about 10USD) and you can get a discount if you use the happy point card. :)

You should make sure you mix it, just to make sure all the flavors get combined.

The problem with this café is, because of the very central location, it is a very common meeting point for groups. It is located right past the crosswalk and major bus stop in Gangnam.

So, make sure you save a table before you order, otherwise it would be quite awkward for you. Also, make sure you put stuff on the appropriate number of chairs for your party. Otherwise, people will grab them and claim them as their own.

There is a restroom in the café...which I guess is good to know in general, since there are often no toilets in Gangnam. It is not the cleanest, but they usually have soap and toilet paper, which is a definite plus for life in Korea...you know what I'm talking about.

Location: Gangnam exit 10, across the street from the ABC Mart (shoe store) and the CGV (movie theater).

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