[Suwon] Suwon Galbi Story 수원갈비스토리 왕갈비탕

I had the opportunity to eat at Suwon Galbi Story, a restaurant famous for its galbi-tang (beef short rib soup).

For food tourists, Suwon is famous for its galbi (Korean beef short ribs), so when we traveled to Suwon, I knew we had to get galbi at least one time.

I guess Suwon could be characterized as a suburb of Seoul. It is about 40~60 minutes from Seoul and you can easily reach it via subway, bus, taxi, or train.

For tourists interested in learning about Korean history, it is pretty well known because it is the only remaining walled city in South Korea and because of Hwaseong Fortress.

After walking the walls of the fortress, we decided to go here for lunch. The menu is quite simple.
They offer hanwoo galbi (Korean-origin high-quality beef), marinated (양념갈비) (38,000KRW per serving) or fresh (생갈비) (48,000KRW per serving). They also serve hanwoo woogojitang (한우 우거지탕) (pickled cabbage and beef short rib soup) 8,000KRW.

They also offer a American-origin marinated beef rib (소갈비살양념) (35,000KRW). We ordered the wang galbitang (왕갈비탕) (9,000KRW). This is made with American-origin beef, but it was highly recommended. I did not know that it was American-origin before we sat down, so I was a little hesitant, but ordered it anyway.

We also ordered a side of rice (gong-gi bap, 공기밥) for 1,000KRW, a bottle of Cass beer, and some cider (lemon-lime soda).

We were not disappointed. The serving size is quite generous. They give you 3 ribs and plenty of side dishes. The broth was quite flavorful and not overly greasy. However, it was pretty salty for my preferences, so I was happy that we ordered the extra rice. The beef was quite tender and easily fell off of the bone.

If you're still hungry after dinner, you can order naengmyun (Korean cold noodles).  You can get the cold noodle soup version (mool naengmyun 물냉면) or the spicy naengmyun (bibim naengmyun 비빔냉면) for 7,000KRW. We did not have any room for the noodles since it was just lunch.

This restaurant has also come highly-recommended by multiple Korean television programs and has been open for 30+ years.

This is a great option for lunch or dinner if you are touring the fortress as it is within walking distance of the ticketing office.

Next to the Hwasung Palace entrance, there is a parking lot and a gift shop. Take the street in between these two landmarks. Walk south, away from the palace. You will encounter a plaza area. At the 4-way intersection, veer left. Walk about 1-2 more blocks and the restaurant should be on your left. 수원갈비Story. It is across the street from a Mart.

We had to wait about 15 minutes to get into the restaurant. It is quite spacious, though, and has refreshing air conditioning if you have just finished hiking the walls.

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